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Cultural and Political Discussion

"Libel settles nothing." -George Orwell

A Community to Discuss Culture and Politics
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This is a community I've created for serious discussion of cultural and political matters. No related topic is off limits and a variety of content is encouraged. Feel free to discuss, among other things: the upcoming midterm election, the state of higher education, musical trends, any social or political theory, recent books or films, an intriguing news article or research paper you came across, something that you heard in a class that you haven't been able to take out of your mind, a fascinating statistic, etc.

Please post an introduction when you join so we have an understanding of who everyone is and what you we're interested in.

Any opinion, so long as it is backed up, is welcome. This community should be motivated by insatiable intellectual curiousity and a desire to constantly challenge ourselves.

The only rule is summed up in the Orwell quote below:

“What purpose is served by saying that men like Maxton are in Fascist pay? Only the purpose of making serious discussion impossible. It is as though in the middle of a chess tournament one competitor should suddenly begin screaming that the other is guilty of arson or bigamy. The point that is really at issue remains untouched. Libel settles nothing."

In other words, calling someone names or writing them off without a reasoned argument isn't the same thing as discussion. If this is troubling for you, there are literally hundreds of other Live Journal communities dedicated to stereotyped pseudo-debate on every imaginable subject. I'd like this one to be a bit more insightful (we'll see if that actually happens though).
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